Stormfall: Age of War is a really solid strategy and castle building game available on Facebook. So if you got bored of farming and performing all those friendly tasks, it’s time to put your war helmet on and go to war. However, since this game is pretty complex and difficult, you might want to get a head start by reading Unigamesity’s Stormfall: Age of War guide, telling you how to play the game, what the buildings do and general strategy guidelines for beginners.

So let’s not waste any time, because there’s no waiting in war and let’s check out the Stormfall: Age of War guide here!

You will start with an empty area that you have to turn into a castle as soon as possible and become the biggest and best kingdom in the game. But in order to get there, you need to know your user interface flawlessly, so here it is explained:

1. Here you can access the rankings, check out the details of your profile and achievements that you have unlocked (plus requirements to unlock others)
2. All the information about the resources of your castle, units and defense. Hover your mouse over any of the indicators to get even more details about production rates and consumption.
3. Your counselors, each providing you with reports regarding what is happening in the kingdom. When they have something new to say, a scroll will appear under their name.
4. Edit the placement of your buildings
5. Access the construction menu to improve your kingdom
6. Map of the world. Here you have access to everything around you and can conduct attacks, sieges and so on.
7. Lost arts or the research option. More about it in a bit!
8. Your current missions. The ones with an exclamation mark near them are new quests.
9. Indication of an impending attack and the time left until it happens. This means that I am going to be sieged in 8 minutes…
10. You can click on each of your buildings to access their menus and get more info about what they are doing.


There are three types of resources in the game (food, metal and gold) and each of them is generated by farms, mines and townhouses respectively. You can only have a limited number of resource generating buildings and you can upgrade them. They work similar to the townhouse that I am using below as a guide:

As you can see in the image above, if you click one of your resource producing buildings, you get a window that gives you all the info that you need: the current level of the building and how much it is producing, the upgrade time and required resources for the upgrade and how much it will produce after the upgrade (near the “Upgrade” button).

You can earn more resources by hunting or scavenging around your castle and, most important, by attacking other players or battle zones, but we’ll talk more in detail about that in an upcoming strategy guide for Stormfall.


The Sapphires are the premium currency in the game and they are used for all sorts of premium items, like castle defenses, premium troops and boosts. You can earn sapphires by completing missions, unlocking achievements and logging in daily.


Clicking the “Lost Arts” button will take you to the research part of the game. We have a “skill tree” here with various bonuses given when the research is complete. It is very important to use this research thing as often as possible for the great bonuses, but also upgrade the already researched arts to improve the bonuses they give.


After building the Crypt in your Castle (which should be done ASAP) you can summon Wraiths. These are free troops with pretty decent stats which can be used to defend or attack. You get one Wraith for each friend that you have added in Stormfall and there’s a maximum of 50 that you should try to get to as fast as possible because, especially early on, they offer huge advantages over other players.

Building your army

Most of the Stormfall: Age of War experience is about battling other players and building your army. This will be a pretty slow process (especially since you will get attacked pretty often), but you need to work hard and consider any defeat you take as a step forward until you have a solid army. You can build your troops in the Sentry House (at the beginning, then in all Military buildings):

The troops are divided in two units: offensive troops and defensive troops. This doesn’t mean that they are used exclusively for their role, it just means that an offensive troop has crappy defensive stats and vice-versa. However, a good strategy early on is to focus on building offensive troops and keep plundering around – but more about this in our future article with advanced strategies in Stormfall.

Clicking any of the troops that you can train (or the “more” button near their name) opens up a new window with all the statistics:

Have in mind that all troops consume food, so make sure you balance things right before you build your army!

World Map

Visit the world map to find out more about your neighbors – and new battle grounds that you can attack or defend for extra experience and resources. Also, clicking any castle of a different player shows you the options:

You can visit their castle, send spies, besiege or even send gifts. It’s up for you to decide which way to play and I am sure that whatever you choose to do, you will have a great deal of fun!

Congratulations on completing Unigamesity’s Stormfall: Age of War guide! You know now how to play the game and you are already familiar with a bit of tips, but we’ll go even more in depth with a complete strategy guide article that is coming really soon. So stay tuned with us!

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