Blindly attacking your enemies in Stormfall: Age of War is a very bad idea because you might run into some really unexpected and unpleasant surprises (such as reinforcements present in the city, despite its low level) so the best way to approach things it to spy your enemies first.

I am here to share with you a guide to Stormfall spying – and how does the “Silent Ones” mechanic work for the spies in the game and help you make sure that you always are the winner when it comes to spying your enemies!

In order to spy a potential victim, all you have to do is to go to the world map, find a player over level 9 and click the spy button:

Then, you will have to select the number of spies to send (these are the silent ones):

And finally, you will get a report, hopefully a victory. If it’s a victory, you will know exactly how many troops and resources the player has in its castle:

So… how to make sure that spying in Stormfall: Age of War is always successful?

Basically, the mechanic in the game is pretty simple: your Silent Ones fight against any Silent Ones in the target castle and if they win, you get a successful spy mission and the report. Since Silent Ones are pretty expensive and take a while to train, you don’t want to lose them, so a good strategy would be to send as many Silent Ones as possible. Here are my estimates on how many silent ones are enough based on level:

– Under Level 15: 2 Silent Ones
– Level 15 – 20: 3 Silent Ones
– Level 20 – 30: 8 Silent Ones
– Level 30 – 35: 15 Silent Ones
– Level 35 – 40: 50 Silent Ones

Of course, these are just estimates and they won’t guarantee that you will get a successful mission, but the general rule of thumb is to send as many spies as possible.

This also works when it comes to your defense: the more Silent Ones you have in the castle, the better chances for you to prevent your opponents from scouting you. Therefore, training a few early on might save you of some real trouble! Additionally, you can spend Sapphires on Sentries (find them in the build menu, under Fortifications) to increase your defense against Silent Ones.

And this is it! Now you know everything about the Spying mechanisms in Stormfall: Age of War!


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