We have already told you about the Steam Summer Sale and the sweet deals that it will bring us this summer, and today we can confirm some price cuts as Steam debuted their Summer Sale 2012. There are new deals every day until July 22nd and you should expect amazing price cuts.

For example, today we have on sale (except for the supper specials that rotate every 8 hours) the following games:

– Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
– Portal 2 Franchise
– Total War Shogun 2 Franchise
– Might & Magic Heroes VI Franchise
– Terraria
– Crusader Kings II
– Legend of Grimrock
– Ridge Racer Unbounded
– Indie Bundle I

And we’re talking here about discounts of at least 50%, with most of the prices slashing 75% of the prices. So prepare your wallets and make sure you keep visiting Steam, because there’s a hot summer sale going on!