Starcraft II Banned from ChinaJoy 2009

Starcraft II Banned from ChinaJoy 2009

starcraftiiBlizzard ain’t having the best time of their existence, especially in China where their top games keep having problems: World of Warcraft is under review in China and now, according to Team Liquid, Starcraft II has been banned from ChinaJoy 2009, the biggest trade expo in China.

The exact reasons why Starcraft II has been banned by the Chinese government are not officially known but according to the aforementioned source, it might be the violent nature of the game the real reason why it has been banned.

“Starcraft II is much too bloody, which will severely effect the mental as well as physical health of adolescents,” states the report.

It is also stated that “any activity related to foreign games, including their showing, demostrating, trading and marketing promotion, shall also abide by the censorship laws aiming at imported online games,” meaning that the State Admimistartion Of News And Press should take a look at and censor whatever necessary bits from a game. It might sound strange to hear that Blizzard didn’t take this in account when decided to showcase Starcraft II at ChinaJoy 2009, especially since they knew how things work in China from WoW.

However, no matter which are the real reasons behind this decision, it’s another big loss for Blizzard as well as the Starcraft II fans: the event scheduled for ChinaJoy 2009 would’ve been the first open Starcraft II event around the world. It’s a pitty!