BioWare just revealed that we’re about to get an “unstoppable” companion in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the HK-51 droid, the most powerful killer in the universe. This definitely sounds like something we have to get our hands on as soon as it is made available in the game.

But it won’t be easy, at all! The developers, even though were pretty bad at offering extra details about the upcoming release of the HK-51 in the game, said that it will take a lot of questing to get such a companion. And we do have the feeling that it’s “difficult quests” they’re talking about.

But until we get more details about this release in the SWTOR universe, we can check out the reveal trailer of the HK-51 and wonder how come was this powerful weapon forgotten about for so long? Oh, BioWare, you can do so much better in terms of storytelling!

Check out the Star Wars The Old Republic HK-51 companion in the video below: