pc-gaming-beastWell, I guess that it’s obvious that here in the Unigamesity we’re all PC gamers, but have you ever wondered just how many are we out there in the world? It would be awesome to have at least some estimations regarding the global number of PC gamers, but that’s probably impossible… however, thanks to the latest numbers from the NPD we can see how mane PC gamers are there in the US!

The results are at least impressive and surprising because, according to the study, about half of the PC gamers are females! Now that’s something one would call a lucky market!

So, according to the NPD numbers (via Gamespot), 67.3 million Americans are PC gamers (meaning that they consider the PC their main gaming platform). Out of which 33.6 million are the so-called “secondary gamers” (we’d call them “casual gamers”) who play less than four hours per week and are generally females. But they’ll probably get the “virus” and start playing more.

The rest of the PC gamers are divided as follows:

25.9 million are “Online PC Gamers” (again, mostly females!) playing online for about eight hours per week.
24.1 million are “Offline PC Gamers” – staying online for just 18 percent of their playing time, probably hunting for the females in the category above.
17.3 million are hardcore gamers (or “Avid gamers”) who play for more than 23 hours per week.

As you can see, the numbers are quite impressive, but probably different of what we would’ve expected. Still, it’s worth noting that, even though the PC is not considered by the majority of players as the main gaming platform (there are a bit over 100 million people who enjoy playing consoles or portables more), the market is still huge and the female demographic is also impressive. So I think that, after all, we can say that PC gaming is still alive and kicking!