mw2We know that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition is a bit ridiculous with its night vision goggles and probably obscene price, but it’s even more ridiculous to hear that the future PC owners of the game won’t be allowed to buy it because Infinity Ward simply has no plans to release ANY collectors edition for the PC version of the game. I mean, come on, it’s not like PC gamers are the lowest of the low and they only deserve trash and garbage!

This strange announcement was made in an interview Infinity Ward’s Community Manager Robert Bowling had with IGN in which he simply stated: “There will be no PC version of either collectors’ editions.”

Which is sad, after all. If you’re going to release a game on multiple platforms, at least make sure that all platforms are treated equally. But some people don’t care and that’s the reason why I don’t care either right now and I know I won’t be buying Modern Warfare 2. Not because I would’ve bought the stupid Prestige Edition anyway, but just because I feel offended by this.

Or maybe I just need a breath of fresh air and I will cool down in a few minutes. Either way, it’s a piece of news I wasn’t hoping to hear too soon…