Sky Gamblers: Cold War is ready to revolutionize the mobile gaming world with an innovative combat flight title. Atypical Games announced today the released of this action title with a “refined single player campaign, larger number of multiplayer modes, and 17 of the era’s most famous military planes.” The company stated the success of its predecessor, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders, and it ensured that Cold War will introduce a new interactive experience:

Coming on the heels of its Apple Design Award-winning predecessor, Sky Gamblers: Storm RaidersCold War presents the next evolution in flight-simulation games with fully re-created cities such as those in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, and Siberia, realistic weather effects for a more authentic challenge, and interactive cockpits for the most hands-on experience.

Check the trailer here:

This new title will provide advanced aesthetics and a larger number of environments to fight and explore. Previous weapons have been re-balanced and new ones will be introduced. Cold War will present a new set of different missions, in which some are extremely dangerous. Action will be a constant at high altitude surveillance and the classic dogfights and jet fighters will return. New gaming modes will be added including team death match, base defense, survival, capture the flag, free for all modes and duels.