Finally a huge update hits FarmVille – it was something we’ve all been waiting for this month! Alongside new items, crops, mystery box and more (about which we’ll talk in the Unigamesity today), we have a new FarmVille dog released, the Japanese themed Shiba Inu. Read on to find out all the details about this new pup.

Unfortunately for those who wanted yet another dog that was purchasable for regular coins, the Shiba Inu is only available for Farm Cash: 65 of them to be precise.

Also, the new pup is available for a limited time only (seven days starting today), so you must hurry up if you want one of these on your farm!

What are the tricks Shiba Inu dogs can perform in FarmVille?
When the dog gets to adult stage, it can fetch things for you!

Will you purchase the Shiba Inu dog?