Out of nowhere and without proper notice, Zynga rolled in a new challenge mission for Mafia Wars, South Africa. And since it took everybody by surprise – and the challenge begins in less that 24 hours, I’m sure you’re curious what to do in order to be best prepared for the South Africa Challenge. In this article I will share with you all the details you need to know so read on!

“As the gaze of the world fixes to South Africa and the Global Cup, you are preparing for the most bold of crimes – to fix the final match,” reads the official description and we have to be prepared.

In order to do the South Africa missions, you will need Counterfeit Tickets. You can get more Counterfeit Tickets from doing jobs, fighting and robbing, extra ones every 24 hours (10 of them), plus extra ones after you recruit extra members to your Mafia Wars family. If you successfully recruit 7 extra Mafia Wars members, you will get:

70 Counterfeit Tickets in Chapter 1
60 Counterfeit Tickets in Chapter 2
60 Counterfeit Tickets in Chapter 3

As with the previous missions, the South Africa challenge in Mafia Wars has three chapters that will be unlocked progressively and we’ll have 15 days to finish all the chapters. Finishing each of the chapter will give you a great loot bonus. Here are the bonuses you get from completing the South Africa Challenge:

Chapter 1 reward: Goalie (45 Attack, 58 Defense)
Chapter 2 reward: Tiebreaker (76 Attack, 42 Defense)
Chapter 3 reward: Penalty Kick (107 Attack, 55 Defense)

Are you ready for the South Africa challenge?