The Treasure Isle Pirate Cove has finally been unlocked and the first set of pirate isles have been released by Zynga for the virtual treasure hunters all over the world. For now, only 7 maps are available and their names are below (you can also check them out in the screenshot to the left):

Sharky’s Village
Brigand’s Cove – costs 11 Island Cash
Monkey’s Gold – costs 7 Island Cash
The Great Battle – Level 75 required
Shiverin’ Shores – Level 27 required
Invasion! – Level 41 required
Pirate Pub

It’s been a while since Treasure Isle last charged Island Cash for their maps and I’m sure many people will disagree with this piece of business. However, I’m sure that many people will still pay to unlock the new maps despite the complaints.

What will you do? Will you pay to unlock any of the two Pirate Isles in Treasure Isle?