Are you starting to run low on fuel in FarmVille? Your problems should be solved – at least partially – in the following 7 days, especially if you’re an active player since the Free Fuel Week is back in FarmVille! If you didn’t get the chance to celebrate the first free fuel week or if you simply forgot what it’s all about, read on!

“Free Fuel Week is back! Click here to send Free Fuel to your Neighbors! Remember to come back to Farmville everyday from 6/30 to 7/6 for your cumulative Free Fuel bonus,” reads Zynga’s announcement. What does this mean?

Well, starting today, you will receive free fuel when you log in to the game. If you log in for more consecutive days in a row (up to 7 days maximum), you will receive more and more fuel, so it would be wise if you logged in at least daily to get the most fuel possible – for FREE.

Unfortunately, it appears that the updated hasn’t been properly brought in by Zynga since I (and other players) don’t have the option to also send free fuel to my friends. Strange enough, though, if you log in to and try to play the game there, the Small Can of Fuel can be sent as a gift to friends.

Maybe an intentional error from Zynga? Who knows?