After getting married, the next step is to get a child in Frontierville. You get a Kid in the game by completing the Get Ready for a Baby quest. A child can be selected to help out in your homestead. Once you have a kid, they have their own goals to complete.

For the Get Ready for a Baby goal, you’ll need a Crib, 5,000 Coins and 25 Neighbor visits. By now you’ll already have 5,000 coins to use for this goal. You only need to make a Crib and to visit 25 neighbors.

You can make a Crib by going in your Barn. The materials needed for one crib are:

10 Planks
4 Tools
5 Ribbons

The Planks and Tools are needed to make two Sawhorses that are required from the Crib. As for the neighbor visits, you need to go to a neighbor and help in their homestead. A visit doesn’t count if you went to a neighbor before getting the goal. Don’t worry when the visit counter doesn’t immediately reflect the amount of visits you did in a session. When this happens, just refresh the game.