A few weeks ago Mafia Wars had a Global Cup Event to commemorate the start of the FIFA World Cup 2010. Part of the event had players collecting for nine balls from jobs and fights. Once you’ve collected all of them you’ll receive the Injury Time, a gun with a 38 Attack 53 Defense stat.

Now Zynga placed another set of Global Cup Collectible Balls, which are different from the first set of balls. Unlike the old Global Balls, the five new balls can be used in fights with each ball having different stats.

There are five balls to collect with different attack and defense ratings. Some are made for offense and the others for defense. Below are the Global Balls with their corresponding stats:

Mexican Ball (16 Attack 36 Defense)
South African Ball (17 Attack 35 Defense)
South Korean Ball (34 Attack 18 Defense)
USA Ball (35 Attack 16 Defense)
Global Cup Ball (36 Attack 15 Defense)

The Global Balls costs 5 Reward Points each. There’s no bonus reward when you collect all five but it would make a good addition for your Mafia Wars items.