Red appleSega has been drawn into the recent Teasing-mania and created a short and gray-ish flash teaser on their Japanese website, letting us know that they’re working on something called Project Ringo. This sounds more like a codename rather than a game’s title, but we’ll know for sure on February 24, as the teaser announces.

It appears that it will be a game connected to apples – Ringo means Apple in Japanese (but it could also mean that it’s a game for the iPhone, though I kind of doubt it). It will more likely be a Sonic-like platformer title with a cute little anime girl (you can see her shadow tossing an apple in the flash teaser) which will probably have to save the world from a crazy doctor – Wormman. That’s just an idea. It could be anything. We’ll find out more on February 24. If you want to twist your ming a little, check out the teaser’s page. You can also play with the apple below: it’s a little flash “game” provided by Sega. However, nothing happens, no matter what you do with that apple. Strange, right?

Update: It appears that something happens, after all with the apple below. It’s math! Project Ringo is a maths game? A brain training one? Who knows…


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