MMORPG fans all over the world must be really happy to hear that details about the Runescape Easter event were offered today by Mod Maz, one of the Runescape developers. The good news is that this year’s Easter event in the MMO will be better than ever. The even better news is that we’ve checked all the possible information about this event and we’re ready to present it to you.

First of all, it’s worth noting that this event also uses items from previous events (such as the incubator from last year’s Easter event or the Easter Bird from 2006). It will also award the players who are brave and lucky enough to take part in it a brand new and fun weapon. We have no details about it yet, but it’s certainly a blast!

So if you are planning to log in to your Runescape account and begin the event, it’s simple. To start the event, you should head to the entrance of the Easter Bunny’s warren. You can find the Easter Bunny standing just north of Rimmington, waiting to talk to any adventurer who is willing to help him. You will be transformed into a bunny, you’ll have to head down a rabbit hole and a brand new adventure will be waiting!

But what’s the reward for this 2009 Easter event? Please let us know in the comments below if you find out!

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  1. Some wierd looking carrot weapon that oddly looks like a mace and an emotion, which makes it look like a ton of stones fell on top of you.

  2. Wow!

    I have heard nothing good about the runescape Easter Event
    Only Bad responses and disappointed players
    So sad :-(
    Everyone is let down BIg time on Runescape
    The Weapon Ha Ha Ha Ha hit s O and hits 1
    This event was not even worth the time and effort jagex put into it
    Its A flop
    Infact …. April fools cabbages are way more fun
    Id rather have the cabbage any day its more fun
    It brings laughter and people having fun anywhere
    playing soccer or throwing it … Woot!
    to Bad rune scape …. you let your subscribers down :-(

  3. Wow the carrot is -100 slash stab crush and all other attacks and defensed pretty much bunny hop is ok and other emote you vanish in smoke and eat an egg >.> I spent like 1 hour finding out how to do the request with bad wep no money and less time to play :(

  4. QUOTING: If anyone as done it please can they spare 2 mins to tell me how i do it pretty please.



    1) SW of falador entrance is the easter bunny, talk to him hell tell u that his lazy ass son is in charge and is not doign a good job.
    2) enter his hole near by, u are now a rabbit, go NW and enter the ‘rabbit hole’ and u are now human again
    3) talk to the easterbunnyJR (u find that he is actually pretty funny and makes random comments abt his worker) he sais that there is a lot of stuff to do. so first off find a “list of things to do” its near by.
    4) so first wake the big bird itll tell u that its hungry and thirsty, so go to a near by sack and itll give u sunflowerseeds, use it with the bird. next go get some water, thrs a fountain near by. use theb ucket of water with the bird. it finaly wakes up and starts laying eggs.
    5) the bunny comes near u and says thatthe implings are not working as they shud. so near his room u find a net and some jars, u need one net and 5 jars. There is a little maze near by go in it and start catching implings (5 of ’em) and return to the “egg painting machine”. they start working and u find that one of them tells u an incubator is broken.
    5) near the bunnyJR is a blueprint of the incubator (take it) assorted around the workplace is a few boxes, search each of them until u get 5 different parts. Use the blueprint in ur aid in fixing the machine (you simply ‘use’ each part with the appropriate partof teh machine; you can do this on your own i wont help here use the blueprint as ur aid)
    6) next u find that the squirrels are incompetent in sorting nuts, so u teach them. an interface popps up and u are asked to remove or keep certain items. Again i wont help here u will simply have to work it out for ur self remove item by item that u think is redundant in a chocolate egg (eg: screws are redundant. chocolate is not ;;;;hint hint)
    7) your jobs are complete, now talk to the bunnyJR and hell say that he wants to work now. u see a cut scene and then bunnyJR tells u to talk to his dad.
    8) you can go back thru the rabbit hole or do as i did, and use ur Lumbridge Ring-3 and teleport to the cabbage patch and then walk to SW-falador and eventially talk to Easterbunny.
    he tells u that hez grateful and he gives u a reward (hint its a weapon) and 2 emotes

    thats it ur done this quest

  5. Wow, I didn’t think the carrot was all that bad. Its much like the rubber chicken. I love stuff you can pester people with. Thanks Jagex. I really don’t get what all the venom is about. Happy Easter everyone!!


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