The anticipation of Star Wars: the Old Republic from BioWare is very high, but we still know very few solid facts about this upcoming MMO. And the developers love to keep us waiting, that’s obvious, since they’re only offering small bits of information, just enough to keep our interest high, but without spoiling too much of what we should expect to get.

Recently, a blog post revealed a few more details about Star Wars: the Old Republic. For starters, it’s worth knowing that all the classes in the game will be faction-specific (either Jedi or Sith) and each class will have its own story.

“Star Wars is a story about good and evil – it simply doesn’t make sense to have Jedi and Sith doing the same quests,” Daniel Erickson wrote. “Creating one batch of content for all players would have been half the cost, taken half the time and solved any number of organizational headaches but it was simply the wrong choice from a storytelling perspective.” Very interesting!

He continued detailing the recently announced Bounty Hunter class: “At the heart of the Bounty Hunter story is the hunt itself. Smugglers, Jedi, Sith, rebel leaders, rogue droids, assassins, entire gangs or embezzling underlings, the Bounty Hunter takes them all down. Each hunt has its own flavor and each hunt brings with it a unique set of challenges and choices.”

As usual, these are not some awful amounts of information, but it’s still enough to keep our interest high. So stay tuned, as we’ll try to dig up even more details about Star Wars: the Old Republic in the upcoming weeks.