All the PlayStation 3 owners who happen to have a Resistance 2 beta code must be really happy right now since the beta has kicked off and, as we speak, there must be thousands of players enjoying the coolness of the game. Also, as strange as it might sound (having in mind that the beta just kicked off) the game is gold and getting prepared for the full launch on November 4.

The Beta includes competitive maps from three locations in the game (Orick, Chicago and Sub Docks). And don’t think that it’s too few: these maps are made for up to 60 players, so it’s going to be a real war out there! Also, along with the classic Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, new modes are supported: Skirmish and Core control. No character can go beyond the 10th level of experience.

If you were not among the first wave of players to enter the Resistance 2 beta (by pre-ordering or subscribing to QORE), there’s still a chance: you can catch the next wave kicking off in the middle of next week by applying here. Good luck to you, there will certainly be a huge competition.