Game Factory Interactive is planning to bring the adventures of Sinbad to a computer near you. Sinbad: In search of Magic Ginger is the name of the upcoming action-adventure title set to see the light during the fourth quarter of 2008. The best thing of them all? GFI refers to “joystick” when talking about the game’s controls!

The hero of the One Thousand and One Nights folktales, Sinbad will have to to please erratic genies, cheat over the credulous rich, save a poor beautiful girl from a cunning money-lender and many more in the upcoming game where cartoon-like visuals and easy gameplay will team up to make the title accessible for the younger gamers.

The game features a wonderful opportunity to find yourself in the atmosphere of an eastern fairy-tale, it challenges you to use your wit and slyness to overcome evil forces, it has “easy-to-use joystick and mouse controls” (yup, joystick!) and 50 characters spawned across 35 different locations. So, the only problem will be finding that joystick. And the rest is history.