I think that we can all agree with the fact that MMOs can become really addicting and our social lives might suffer a bit, just as well as the general health level of our bodies (due to sleepless nights or countless hours in front of the screen). Most of the people, however, manage to get over the addiction and understand that MMOs are actually entertainment and not substitutes for life. But there are a few others who would disagree.

The “sick” people, if we are to use a strong term. Those who play World of Warcraft until their head hurts and their eyes ache. For them, there will be Dr. Richard Graham, a London psychiatrist who’s planning to take an active approach on this problem (considered a mental disorder, after all) and help the addicts quit WoW. Or at least reduce the time spent online. How? By creating a character and going online, of course!

“Those affected don’t exhibit the same outward warning signs as most teenage anti-social behaviour issues do because they’re in their bedrooms most of the time, seemingly out of trouble. Because of this we can’t get through to them in the traditional educational environment or intrude on their actual bedrooms – we need to turn to the Internet itself to tackle these problems,” Dr. Graham says, according to Yahoo Games.

The doctor hopes that other colleagues will create their own characters in the MMOs and start helping the others. Even more, Dr. Graham is reportedly negotiating with Blizzard to receive free subscriptions in order to help the “addicted” (now that’s an interesting way of getting to play WoW for free!).

Either way, it would be fun to see, in the near or far future, a “~||PsYcH||~Docsss” guild in World of Warcraft – a guild in which all the players are, of course, psychiatrists. Addicted psychiatrists.