onlive-logfoOnLive was presented to the public as the future of gaming during the GDC 2009, but since then the entire world (as well as the developers) have gone silent and soon everybody forgot about this “revolutionary” feature. All but one – the Big Download Blog, who contacted the OnLive devs to see if the project is still alive.

The short answer would be that yes, the project is still alive. Even more, they’re still planning to start an open beta of OnLive by the end of summer (which, in Earth terms, would mean “by the end of August”, but in developer terms might actually mean “by the end of October 2011”). We’ll see for ourselves, anyway!

However, don’t expect to see the full OnLive launched by the end of the year – according to Big Download, a company rep said that the launch will be decided by the feedback the beta will generate.