PSP Go! Rumored to Be the Next Sony PSP

PSP Go! Rumored to Be the Next Sony PSP

psp-go-mockupDuring the past several months, rumors regarding a new PlayStation Portable handheld from Sony surfaced over and over again but none of them were correct and Sony kept denying. Now the latest and apparently very strong rumors regarding the future of the PSP tell us a new name: the PSP Go!, the next PlayStation Portable in the works at Sony!

The rumor was started by 1UP who claim to have sources confirming that Sony is indeed working on a new PSP, but the Go! subtitle isn’t yet a fact, even though it makes sense for it to be the one since Sony has already introduced the Go! brand of add-ons (like the Go!View video on-demand and 1.3 megapixel Go!Cam). Other more uninspired names for the upcoming handheld are reported to be PSP Slide or PSP Flip.

Even more, 1UP reports that the PSP Go! will be available in two SKUs, with 8 or 16GB of built-in flash memory, which should be enough to store quite a few games and movies! Also, apparently Sony is planning to release the new handheld in Japan this September and as soon as early November in the US. Pretty cool!

In addition, the reports claim that 100 classic and new PSP titles will be available for the PSP Go! at launch, with Gran Turismo Mobile rumored to be one of the premier launch titles and LittleBigPlanet suggested to be bundled with every unit, which would clearly put Sony back in the handheld wars!

From a hardware point of view, the new PSP Go! will include a d-pad, an analog nub and face buttons as part of a sliding unit below the screen. However, it seems that there will be no second analog stick present, but the current control configuration will be kept. To make your own idea about the looks of the new handheld, check out 1UP’s mockup image in the upper left corner.