Sony has detailed, via PS Blog, the Day One patch that players will need to download once they start up their Playstation 4. The update, which is titled software update 1.50 and is approximately 300 MB, will include a plethora of features for users to experience.

For one the patch will enable remote play between the PS4 and PS Vita. Remote Play allows consumers to resume their PS4 videogame on their PS Vita. You essentially receive two versions of a single game, a PS4 version and a Vita version. Sony stated that this feature can only be accessed through Wi-Fi networks by using a new feature called PS4 Link. The PS vita will receive the same update pretty soon as well.

Sony also confirmed that the PS4 Link application will enable a second screen experience on their smartphones, Vitas, and tablets. Supported titles will allow players to use these devices to access certain gameplay options and to further continue their gaming experience. An example Sony used was The Playroom. The pre-installed title, which requires a PS Camera, will allow users to use their mobile devices to draw pictures on their screens then flick them towards their TV. The same drawings then reappear on their TV screen.

The patch will also allow users to upload gameplay videos. Players just need to push the share button on their PS4 controllers and the last 15-minutes of gameplay will be uploaded. For now, the feature will only be compatible with Facebook and only screenshots for Twitter. But Sony did stress that broadcasting live gameplay videos will be possible with this patch; and will be compatible with both Twitch and Ustream.

The Play as you download feature will also be enabled. This allows users to download a certain portion of their game and then start playing it without having to fully download the title. The rest of the game will be downloaded in the background while it is being played, or it can be downloaded during stand by mode. Only certain titles will support the feature though.

The other features are your more typical fare. The multi-log in feature allows four separate players to log onto a single PS4 and all will be able to earn trophies, play multiplayer games, access the online store, and etc. An eight player voice chat will also be featured and allows up to eight separate users to participate in a party chat using their PS4 mono headsets that come free with every PS4 purchase.

Online multiplayer, which requires a PS Plus subscription, and the ability to use the PS4 as a DVD/Blu Ray player will also be activated with the patch. A music background player will also be available. Users will be able to listen to music through their Music Unlimited account while playing their PS4 titles.

For more detailed information regarding the patch, visit Sony’s PS Blog post.

The PS4 will launch on November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe.