A new PlayStation 3 exclusive game has been announced by Tecmo: Quantum Theory, a third person shooter developed by Fatal Frame creator Keisuke Kikuchi. Details are scarce for the moment, but we do know that we’ll be controlling a dark hero and a beautiful heroine in a tower filled with huge, impressive enemies: and we have a bunch of images to prove that!

First presented at the Tokyo Game Show, Quantum Theory will bring us a really impressive cover system: since the game’s action takes place in a living tower that’s constantly changing its shape, the entire level design will be changed regularly – and the same will happen to the “perfect” cover locations. As long as it’ll be bug free, I’m sure that this will bring an impressive twist in the genre.

But until further details are offered by Temco, we can only enjoy the Quantum Theory pictures below (for the full set and if you’re not afraid of Japanese characters, visit Cng4u). Now… is it me or the game really resembles Gears of War a bit?