You've got some extra running to do...PlayStation 3 owners and fans of Electronic Arts’ parkour game Mirror’s Edge should be very pleased to find up that a brand new, exclusive and free time trial map for the game is available for download via the PlayStation Network. So, since you’re probably waiting for this one since December, go on and grab it.

DICE also offered a few details on it: named Synethesia, was created as the developers tried to answer a question: “If Faith was having a dream, what would she be dreaming about?” It turns out that all she thinks about is parkour, since the resulting map gives us huge abstract sculptures floating above an endless sea. Weird dreams…

“We have been making a variety of maps for the upcoming release of the Pure Time Trial Map Pack. We didn’t want to be limited by an urban setting; we wanted to ‘leave the city behind’ and focus completely on the nature of movement itself. The maps are all about exploring the purity of the core gameplay with nothing getting in the way,” wrote Tom Farrer, producer of Mirror’s Edge.

You can also see a video presentation of the free Time Trial map for Mirror’s Edge at the PlayStaion Blog. And if you enjoy it, start saving a few bucks since the Pure Time Trial Map Pack is coming this February!