prison-breakThe rumors regarding the development of a computer game based on the Prison Break television series started to be heard last year, but it is only today when we have official confirmation of the rumors. However, it seems that initial reports regarding the publisher (Brash Entertainment) were wrong and the game will actually be published by Deep Silver.

Developed by Zootfly, the Prison Break computer game will follow the events from the first season of the series only – which is considered by most people the best one. So you will be sent to the Fox River State Penitentiary to find out why the show’s main character, Michael Scofiel, decided to suddenly rob a bank.

So no, you won’t play Michael and it appears that just a few of the characters from the series will be present there. Also, it is unclear what the plot will really be: those who watched the show know that Scofield got in the jail to help his brother evade, but it appears that will not be the job of our character.

But we will most certainly give you more details as soon as Zootfly decides to offer them. It’s no hurry, anyway – the Prison Break game has no estimated release date announced, which means that we will not get it sooner than 2010.