Take 151 artists and randomly assign each one to design one of the original 151 Pokemon and the result is Rare Candy; a unique art exhibit currently in San Jose until May 17 and an art auction benefiting Canines for Disabled Kids.

Peter Lee and Amy Kim came up with this idea and turned to the Animation/Illustration program at San Jose State University to make their vision possible. Each artist had the freedom to interpret his/her assigned Pokemon in any way they wished. The result is 151 unique Pokemon designs set to various mediums like sculpture, digital print, or watercolor. Each work is being sold through online auction with some prices going as low as $5 and others currently going for over $160 at the time of writing.

If you happen to be in the Bay Area, you can see the art in person at the Umpqua Bank in San Jose at this address:
Umpqua Bank
225 West Santa Clara, Suite 150
San Jose, CA 95113

Check out doodlebender for more information about this and other art auctions.

I’d love to hang this with my other fishing trophies.