PlayStation Store Updated with PowerUp Forever, DLC

PlayStation Store Updated with PowerUp Forever, DLC

The PlayStation Store is now updated with lots of goodies, especially downloadable content for LittleBigPlanet, as always, but games like Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Age of Booty and more can benefit from the downloadable content released.

There is also one downloadable game added to the PS Store, PowerUp Forever which can be purchased for $9.99. You must grow to survive – and to grow you must destroy! Hunt and defeat enemy Guardians to harvest their glowing energy cores, gaining power to grow your ship and expand your weaponry. As you evolve, you attract the attentions of ever-larger enemies, and your fight for survival goes on. It’s a neverending battle, what can I say?

There are also freebies this week in store, like the Resistance: Fall of Man Map Packs, High Velocity Bowling – Tiff’s Big Zero Trick Shot Pack, Age of Booty Map Pack 5 and the LittleBigPlanet Santa Costume. Also, other five costumes are available for purchase for LBP, costing $1.99 each and you’ll probably consider buying them, since they bring to the game costumes of the most beloved Street Fighter characters.

Other downloadable content added to the store include Star War: The Force Unleashed Character Pack 2 (costing $4.99) and the Apprentice Mission Pack (costing $9.99). Tom Clancy’s EndWar also gets an expansion pack, Escalation, which costs $9.99.