playstation-4-controller-sensorThe PlayStation 4 pre-orders were really big and most of the analysts thought that day one sales won’t be as big as they are right now. Big online stores like Amazon have gone through several periods of “out of stock” messages for the PS4: Launch Edition and managed to bring more consoles in stock, just to sell them immediately.

So if you want to buy a PlayStation 4 right now and haven’t secured one yet, it’s pretty difficult. However, I have some good news: as of this moment, the PlayStation 4 Launch Edition is back in stock at Amazon (click the link to visit) and you should purchase it right away. The consoles tend to vanquish immediately so hurry to get it or at least sign up for the waiting line if they’re out of stock again.

Did you manage to purchase the PlayStation 4 or you’re keeping an eye on Amazon for whenever they become available?