playstation 4 freezes fixIf it’s not the blue lights blinking problem with the PlayStation 4, it might be another problem you’re experiencing: the PS4 keeps shutting off, usually after the red light indicator and three beeps. Some other times, it simply shuts off without any indicator, after entering safe mode and does the same thing over and over game. Naturally, those who splashed the cash on a day one purchase want to know how to fix the problems with the PS4 shutting off constantly.

You might want to check out the video below to see if your problem is similar to that of the user who posted a video with the PS4 problem:

Right now, there doesn’t seem to be much info on this problem with the PlayStation 4 turning off after three beeps. For those who see the red lights before it turns off, it might be an overheating problem as the red lights usually suggest overheating. So turning the console off and leaving it rest for a while before turning it on again might do the trick. Also try to move the PS4 to an open area so there’s enough air to keep it cool.

However, many people are reporting this problem with the console after it stays on for just a couple of minutes, so in theory there should be no overheating issues.

We’re still investigating and actively looking for solutions on how to fix the PS4 shutting off problem. If you experience something similar, let us know and especially let us know if you managed to find something that works to solve it.


  1. The exact problem I’m facing. Stays on for about 3 minutes before “overheating” even though the console isn’t running hot to the touch. It’s basically whenever the HDD is stressed – then it tends to shut itself off.

    Luckily, my Gamestop is overnighting me a replacement system to pick up tomorrow so hopefully I won’t get back to back faulty units. The projected fail rate of 0.4% is starting to seem more and more inaccurate across a wide variety of issues people are experiencing.

    I truly hope it’s only 0.4% though and that I was just dealt one of the short straws.

    • Had the same problem right out of the box. Sometimes red light, sometimes flashing blue. After turning it back on about 30 times I finally managed to get the update installed and it hasn’t turned itself off since. Hope this helps someone.

    • I have the same problem if I leave it on unattended for a while and eventually turn it off, but when I come back to it maybe a day or two later it turns on for about 10 seconds and shuts right off, even before it has time to register to my television that the console is on

  2. Mine doesn’t have the red light blinking, but it will be on for about 10 seconds and it will work fine, but then it will just freeze for about a minute and then reset. But it has the three beeps also.

    • Has it done it lately my ps4 is doing the same thing right now no three beeps i turn it on it works fine for ten mins then freezes for a min then shuts off

  3. mine is as well doing the same thing. Everything is running fine one min. then poof,….. its off. I don’t get the three beeps or the red light. Mine is solid white when it decides it wants to turn off. Very annoyed that I have had it preordered for a long time and when I just think I can sit and play, THIS happens. SO annoyed…..

    • Mine just did the same thing while playing ghosts. No red light or beeps, just shut off completely. I really hope it’s firmware related and not hardware.

  4. My screen flashes as if it lost connection with the hdmi then quickly resumes than shuts off but i noticed this only happens when an actual disc based game is running.When i removed any discs and just watched netflix the system runs flawlessly.

  5. My console lets me play roughly had an hour at most then shut it’s self off with no indication I will post a video showing this problem

  6. Had the same problem called sony told me to do like a disk defrag hard drive still did it called back. Sent me a box 2 days later mail mine 2 days later I got a brand new console no problems since. Did have to wait on phone for 15 min or so that was the hard part!!!!

  7. Have the same problem and I called Sony in Europe, but there is no help from them. They want me to return the PS4 where I bought it and delivery time is 3 months :(

  8. i’m experiencing the same problem; no solution has worked including re-initializing, re-installing, safe mode and the like…the ps4 just keeps going off by itself

  9. Exactly the same problem, if I want to play à game, it doesn’t even load the game, I hear a clicking noise and then it shutts off, when i turn it on again it says that I didn’t shut the system down correctly. Does anybody know what the problem is and how to fix it?

  10. Mine turns off every 15 minutes and its brand new. I dont know why. I did everything that I could just like doing the safe mode and changing HDMI cords. SONY please fix this. Dafuq

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  12. My system kept shutting down and the 3 beeps my brother in law found a master reset it’s under the top cover above where disk goes u slide panel off towards outside now this worked for me because my system was silent u should hear a fan running if there’s no noise it’s going to die sometime game store said not to fix it wouldn’t b worth it they buy broken systems for 20 buck

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  16. 1. If its been on for a while, it’s very possible your unit is overheating. Turn it off for a few and wait for it to cool down. Make sure it’s in a spot where it can get proper ventilation. Yadda yadda yadda.

    2. As unhelpful as it sounds, check the various cords running from the PS4 (especially the power cord). You’ll never know unless you’re willing to take the 20 seconds to check.

    3. If you’re lucky, it could be a case of the inevitable software glitches. Whether it be firmware or app issues, you can usually get it fixed via update(s).

    4. For older systems, try going easy on the multi-tasking aspect of your PS4. Don’t run two apps at once; don’t be charging anything while the system is active; that sort of thing.

    5. Clean up some of the clutter you’ve got stored on your hard-drive. Defrag if you feel it necessary.

    6. If you’ve tried all that, then you’re really only left with 3 options… Get it fixed – Get it replaced – Switch to Xbox.

    I hope that helps. Don’t do drugs. Stay away from time shares. ;)

  17. My current problem: After about 2 or 3 minutes of being on my PS4 lightbar flashes red, the system pops up a warning on the tv stating that it is overheating before turning itself off. Oddly enough, the system actually does feel hot around the HDD area. My current plan of action: Attempt to get a replacement fan, attempt to get the thermal paste replaced as well, and lastly clean the heatsinks. If anybody has any other suggestions I would love the hear them, as long as they do not involve paying attention in English class . . . I almost always slept through that class.

  18. I have the same problem and after that happens it will only turn on for a couple minutes then it turns off i’ve done some research and nothing seems to be fixing the problem and it really sucks…


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