I’m sure you like to test your eyes and “spotting spirit” every now and then, but I’m also sure that you don’t always feel like spending a few bucks for a hidden object game. Fortunately, I have something just as good for you and it comes completely free to play: The Antique Store, a short but really fun hidden object game!

This hidden objects game has 3 levels filled with antique objects. Try to find all the objects listed before the time runs out. If you have some difficulty you will have 2 hints you can use or refer to the help guide on the website where you can play the game. Have fun searching!

Sometimes, the objects that you need to find are really hard to see (like the key in the first level which is almost invisible), but that’s why you have the hints and a time limit and, well, the desire to play a hidden object game – to test your skills.

So head over to GamesFree and check out The Antique Store. Have fun!