There is a new and difficult catering order to complete in Cafe World starting today, the Cater the Winter Ball catering order. In this article you will find a guide for this new mission to help you complete it as fast as possible and bag in the rewards!

The story for this catering order is to Cater Ivana Ritz’s famous annual winter ball! You need 40 catering points to unlock it. After that, here are the requirements for completing the Cater the Winter Ball in Cafe World:

– Serve Steak Dinner 150 times
– Serve Creme Fraiche Caviar 300 times
– Serve Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 250 times
– Collect 5 corsages
– Collect 5 tiaras
– Collect 10 winter ball tickets

If you manage to complete this Catering Order in time (for the 3 star rating), your reward will be 9 catering points, 7550 CP, 113400 coins and a new recipe: the Snowflake Cake. You can add a crew of 10 to help you finish this!

If you were wondering about the last three requirements, you are correct: you can get them only by asking your friends to send them over. So good luck completing the Cater the Winter Ball catering order in Cafe World and grabbing that delicious new recipe!