Zynga is certainly hard at work in Treasure Isle, after introducing the cold Ice Acropolis: now we have a new relic to place and build on our islands, the Treasure Isle Colossus Relic – in this article I will share with you all the details you need to know in order to get this building done and grab the reward it gives you!

Because, before you start, it’s worth noting that unlike the Ice Acropolis, the Colossus Relic does give you a bonus when complete: +3 to the maximum energy, which means a bit more treasure digging for you!

But first you must place the Colossus Relic on your island, after you’ll be prompted via a pop-up in the game (or you can store it and place it later). In order to complete this new relic, here are the required materials:

– Pillars
– Marble
– Dye
– Resin

There are four stages and, as I said before, after you complete building the Colossus Relic, you will get +3 to your maximum energy bar in Treasure Isle. Good luck finishing it ASAP!