Everything About the Treasure Isle Ice Acropolis

Everything About the Treasure Isle Ice Acropolis

There is a new buildable introduced by Zynga in Treasure Isle, this time with a winter-theme: the Ice Acropolis which, unfortunately for the crowded islands, does nothing but look good and bring some chills to our spines. However, in this article I will share with you all the details you need to know in order to complete building the Ice Acropolis building in Treasure Isle.

The building requires different amounts (detailed below) of the following resources in order to be built:

– Packed Snow
– Ice Cubes
– Aqua Vitae
– Ice Shards
– Dye

There are four construction stags for the Ice Acropolis, as detailed below, with the requirements of each of the building materials:

Stage 1 – 1 of each material
Stage 2 – 2 of each material
Stage 3 – 3 of each material
Stage 4 – 4 of each material

Will you build the Ice Acropolis in Treasure Isle or let this one go?