The World Cup is ready to kick off and everybody starts feeling the fever. So why not practice your shooting skills in Soccer Balls, today’s free flash game of a day – one that really doesn’t require you to be a soccer fanatic in order to play it! Read on to find out more about this game!

Soccer Balls, unlike the title suggests is not a soccer simulation. Instead, it’s a game that tests your skills at aiming and choosing the right trajectory for the soccer ball, who must hit the referee in order to drive him mad and show you the red card (yes, not all the flash games featured here have a solid background story behind them!).

The game, unlike other titles in the same category, proves to be quite simple and I’m sure you’ll need no walkthrough to finish all the stages which will usually be done in less than a minute. The visuals are not impressive but you’ll find them acceptable and the sound – some completely random effects – is better to be turned off.

But since it’s the beginning of the week and probably hot enough to keep you away from the most challenging things on the internet, Soccer Balls is a good choice for a skill game. Have fun!