There are games so easy that you, as a player, feel offended and start wondering what happened with those games where you actually had to have skills in order to complete… and there’s Touch the Bubbles 3, a game that proves that such titles still exist and, yes, they’re quite difficult to beat.

Today’s free flash game of the day appears to be quite a simple one, in theory: you’ve got 25 levels filled with bubbles and your goal is to hover your mouse over all the bubbles and get the highest score possible. Sounds simple? Well, it just sounds that way!

Because, as you can imagine, the levels in Touch the Bubbles 3 are mazes in which dangers lurk behind every corner: there are all sorts of traps, beams of light and moving beams that will eventually hit your mouse pointer and make you start over: your lives are limited and, even though you can get an extra life every now and then, you still need a few playthroughs in order to be able to beat the game. And only afterwards you can start thinking about setting a high score…

The game can get a bit frustrating if you don’t have a surgeon’s hand, but once again some games are not to be won, but at least to be tried. If you agree with that statement or if you simply think that you’ve got skills, head over to Komix Games and play Touch the Bubbles 3. Have fun!