I guess that the first thing that has the power to impress you to the bone when hearing about Anaksha: Dark Angel is the fact that, according to the developer, the game has been in development for three years! And even though it might seem a lot of time for a “simple” flash game, the moment that you start playing Anaksha: Dark Angel, you’ll see that it’s indeed one really high quality game.

Basically a sniping simulation, Anaksha: Dark Angel tells the story of Anaksha, a vigilante sniper also known in the virtual worlds of the game as The Virgo Killer, who embarks on a quest to clear Santa Lina of all the scum that’s living a good life there and doesn’t care about any laws.

Anaksha: Dark Angel is nothing else but impressive: gameplay aside (which is also well done, but nothing revolutionary – if you’ve played a sniping game you know the most about it), this flash game comes with no less than 2 and a half hours of cinematics (a first for a free flash game) and also with a soundtrack composed by film industry specialists. So it’s a game that means business and it only means one thing: you’ve got to play it.

So clean your sniper scope and embark on the adventure of your life – completely free of charge – and head over to the official website of the game to play Anaksha: Dark Angel right now. And don’t forget to come back and let us know what you thought about this title!



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