Many of us would love to have their own hotel business, to welcome guests in and make a profit but unfortunately it’s very few who have the chance of actually doing so. Fortunately, though, that’s why computer games are here: to help us achieve our wildest dreams and Theme Hotel is that game which allows us to enter into the hotel management business! And totally free of charge!

As it happens in most of the games where you have to build a business, you will start with nothing and slowly build your empire – in this case, the best hotel ever seen! Build your reception, build new rooms and elevators and make sure that you have just happy guests checking in.

For the most part, Theme Hotel looks like a hotel management game that I know I’ve played on Facebook quite a while ago but unfortunately I don’t remember the name (it might be Hotel City, but I wouldn’t bet on it too much).

Either way, the idea is that you’ll certainly have a lot of fun playing Theme Hotel – and if you’re curious to give this game a go, just click here and have fun!