Are you a “Douchebag”? What is a “Douchebag”? Well, just play the game and find out for yourself! The Douchebag Workout is a game of skill and strategy and is funny as hell. Just in the same line as your personal Tamagotchi, the Douchebag Workout lets you raise your “Douchebag” wannabe until he is perfect! You will have hours of fun playing this parody game.

The Douchebag Workout features real-time controls over your character, such as; controlling what he eats, shopping for “Douchebag” accessories, applying some self tanning and especially working out those muscles! The game also has plenty of achievements and hidden bonus material. Enough fun to have you saying; “Yeah Bro!”

You can also unlock as you progress funny videos and images which will certainly make your day – but you also need a lot of patience and hard work in order to earn your Douchebag status… but great things in life require sacrifices!

Click the link and play Douchebag Workout now to have some fun!