The mobile game, High Seas, which allows players to impersonate a treasure hunter, is now available for free on iTunes. Mobile Game Studio Inc, the game’s publisher, has stated that the game has gone completely free for most mobile devices, including iPad and iPhone.

As a fearless pirate, you’ll have to fight your way through the seas, challenging lethal adversaries. Sailing is not always a soft experience, action and mystery will engage you in a dangerous journey, where everything seems to be against you, even the environment. As the company explains, the game has many layers of adventure and action:

Fighting against the mighty pirates, lethal castles and deadly whirlpools you sail the seas in search of treasure chests. Pass through the Caribbean and Arctic on your quest for the title of a first class treasure hunter. The High Seas brings you into a whole new world, full of action, danger and mystery. 

One of the major goals of the game is to collect gold, however other pirates will do anything to defend their loot. As your game progresses, you’ll unlock new levels, each level increases difficulty. The seas will become more agitated too, as you start to dominate the surrounding areas, meeting deadly traps along your path will happen more often (towers, castles, icebergs and whirlpools).