Pet Society goes back to the 80’s with new items ready to hit the game starting Monday. Pets will be seen playing with classic portable video games, listening to 800’s music via the boom box, and strum to classic rock songs with retro electric guitars.

The Mystery Boxes will have new items. The Red Box can contain the Blue Thermos. Purple Box can contain Kitchen Utensils. The expensive Gold Boxes can contain Colorful Boom Box or a Red Hood Bear Plushie.

Cassette tapes ruled the 80s and this week you have the chance to catch the Tapefish in the Pond. You’ll also see a lot of pets strumming a Shiny Red Rock Guitar or a Shiny Blue Rock Guitar. Pets can listen to classic 80s music with their Retro Boom Box.

Kids of the 80s remember the fun they had playing with portable video games. Pet Society brings back all the fun memories with Retro Pet Videogame. Also available this week only is the Pet Pink Retro Videogame.

You can profess your love for the 80s by decorating your house with an I Heart 80s Wall Sticker. Or you can opt for a Battling Guitars Wall Stick, Blue Cassette Tape Wall Sticker or a Pink Cassette Tape Wall Sticker.