Starting today, several items can help you turn a room into a busy avenue in Pet Society. Available from the Garden Store are three cars, street signs, traffic lights, and even a subway station.

Several items are tagged as This Week’s Special and these are Cream Sports Car, Pet Avenue Street Sign, Traffic Light, Double City Lamp Post, and City Lamp Post. These items are available until next Monday (May 17, 2010).

The other new items are Red Sports Car, Pink Retro Car, Subway Entrance, and a Newspaper Stand. The cars don’t move but your pet can ride in it and it rocks a bit. It is also nice to see that the cars are purchased with coins and not Playfish Cash.

Also starting today, you can access a secret room beneath the Pet Society Streets. To get this room, you need to purchase the manhole from the Boutique for 17 Playfish Cash. Only one Manhole Secret Room is available per player.

These are just some new items added in Pet Society this Monday. The cars look nice but Playfish should fix the layering. The cars go behind doors and stay on the sidewalk. Do you like the cars and the secret room in Pet Society?