Playing Mafia Wars on Facebook is easy when you know what to do. Below are some Mafia Wars tips and tricks on how to earn money faster, doing jobs and how to win fights. When you do it right, you’ll quickly climb up the ranks in Mafia Wars and become one of the best. Sounds really great, right? It is, especially when this strategy guide is free of charge!

How to Earn More Money in Mafia Wars

When you start playing any city in Mafia Wars, you’ll start with zero money. You have to do several jobs to earn money. But once you have enough money, you should invest in properties because these can earn you more money than doing jobs. Maxing out your properties will give you enough money to purchase weapons, armors, and vehicles to equip your mafia members.

How to Win Fights in Mafia Wars

To win fights in Mafia Wars, you need to have enough gear to outfit your mafia members. Each mafia member uses one weapon, armor and vehicle. In the future, you also need to provide them with animals but there is still no official announcement of its implementation.

How Use Skill Points in Mafia Wars

As you level up in Mafia Wars, you gain Skill Points that you can use on Attack, Defense, Health, Energy or Stamina. It is advisable to use your Skill Points on Energy first so that you can do a lot of jobs in lower levels. Once you got enough Energy Points, invest on Defense to thwart attacks on you. Once you’re high enough, increase your Attack and Stamina for Fighting and Robbing.