I’m sure that everybody was expecting the moment for quite some time, but it just now happened: Zynga has just made available the Lavish Cafe expansion for Cafe World, meaning that starting now we can have some extra space for our decorations!

The Lavish Cafe can be purchased for 999,999 coins from the market or, if you prefer, for 35 Cafe Cash. The new size of your Cafe World cafe will be 15*17, which means that you’ll get one extra horizontal and one extra vertical row in the game. It’s not much, but there are certainly enough squares to help you further expand your cafe.

The price is also quite affordable, having in mind that the previous expansion was also close to 1 million coins, but the new space will certainly be filled quickly and people will feel the need for the next upgrade. Until that arrives, enjoy your Lavish Cafe in Cafe World!

Did you purchase the expansion? Are you satisfied with it?