CONAN_Inlay_UKV v2.qxdAlthough not extremely popular nowadays, adventure games still have their fair share of fans and a platform that could be used to squeeze the most juice out of them: the Nintendo Wii. Nobilis wants to test the market and therefore they are releasing a new and apparently solid adventure game, Case Closed: One Truth Prevails, exclusively for Wii.

The games wants to test your powers of observation and detection as you lead Shichi Kudo on an investigation to solve the crime of the century. As it usually happens in such games, you will have to guide your character to find clues about the origins and workings of the secret ‘Black Organisation.’ You’ll be using special gadgets such as a voice changing bow tie and more to disguise Kudo as a police officer, in order to make your quest easier.

Also, Case Closed: One Truth Prevails features a classic manga/anime style, so those who love them big eyes and cartoony characters will feel at home while playing Nobilis’ newest game. Which will be released pretty soon: on May 1st, so you’d better start improving your detective skills right away to be ready for the challenge!