buying-wii-many-wiiNintendo’s hardware sales in January are simply amazing, especially since we’re all going through some really tough times. However, with 680,000 Wii consoles and 510,000 DS handhelds sold in the US in January only, we would’ve said “amazing results” even if we were in a booming economical era. Or something like that…

Anyway, the idea is that somehow Nintendo still finds tons of people to sell their consoles to and compared to the previous year the numbers are rising. A lot.

For example, the 680,000 Wii sold represent a 148% increase in hardware sales compared to January 2008, while the DS sales also doubled compared to last year. I don’t know if people purchasing Nintendo’s hardware know something I don’t, but these numbers are simply amazing and I’m sure that both Sony and Microsoft envy Nintendo right now.


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