MiyamotoNaughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin has made waves today due to a statement he made regarding Nintendo in an episode of GameTrailer’s Bonus Round, (via Gamespot).

When show host Geoff Keighley asked Rubin if either Sony or Microsoft will win in this new-generation, Rubin briefly stated his opinion concerning Nintendo’s role in this console war. Rubin believes that Nintendo will struggle immensely to get a hold of the console market with both the PS4 and Xbox One competing against the Wii U.

“[Sony and Microsoft] will do, for the next few years, extremely well, again because Nintendo has stumbled,” Rubin said. “Nintendo is irrelevant as a hardware manufacturer in the console business right now.”

Rubin also said, further in the discussion, that Nintendo is in fact “selling more Wiis than Wii Us.” He goes on saying, “And again, before the hate mail comes in, I will say to whichever camera is on right now, a worldwide treasure, Nintendo [is]. There is no developer… that will ever be [Nintendo visionary Shigeru] Miyamoto. It is a crime that we do not play those games on the systems that we have.”

While Rubin’s statement might come out as being too brash, the Wii U is currently struggling commercially. The console has only managed to sell 400,000 units this year. It’s flag ship title for the fall, the critical darling Super Mario 3D World, is also selling poorly. The game debuted in Japan as the worst selling Mario game in under 24 hours. It was also revealed today that the PS4 has outsold the Wii U in the UK in under 48 hours.

While Nintendo is losing the home console space, they are dominating the handheld market. The 3DS is outperforming the Vita in almost every category. Perhaps Rubin might have a strong point.