domokun-secondhandIf you consider that there’s not enough humor in the world of MMO’s, you will certainly be happy to hear that a new free to play MMORPG has just been released. Enitled Secondhand Lands, the game delivers tongue-in-cheek humor, four non-human races, player to player mounting, and a rofl-worthy world. Sounds interesting, right?

And indeed is! Unlike other MMOs, Secondhand Lands brings to life a world populated by memorable characters such as the Sugar Prune Fairy, cable trolls, and the four Princess Pwnies of the apocalypse. Also, Wolves and Sheep can equip a saddle and invite Scrappers or Catgirls to ride them as if they were a player mount – which, according to the developers, is more than a “joke”, since things change “when two players mount and realize a new type of synergy beyond normal player grouping”.

The most important thing is that this humorous and apparently unique MMO is available for free, so if you considered at least a few of the features presented above cool, you can give it a try. Secondhand Lands is available as a free download via its official website.