A new goal was launched in Frontierville over the weekend. The goal is called Hot Wheels! You are tasked to collect ten Saddle Soaps and ten Elbow Grease, as well as clear five Grasses.

Completing the goal is not that difficult. To acquire Saddle Soaps, click the corresponding Ask Friends button and select active Frontierville friends. Once they send you a bar of Saddle Soap, they will also receive one. Make sure you accept Saddle Soap requests as well. That’s another way to get one as well. Saddle Soap is different from the Soap required for the Back to School goal.

To get Elbow Grease, click on the Ask Friends and a request will be posted on your wall. When a friend gives you an Elbow Grease, that person gets one as well. Keep an eye out for Elbow Grease requests in the wall.

As for the Grasses, you have to clear an area of homestead so that debris, including Grass, can grow. Just be patient while waiting for the Grass to appear.

Once you’ve completed the Hot Wheels goal, you’ll receive 100 XP and a Deluxe Buggy. It is the same Buggy available in the Market during the Hay Fever theme.