Zynga introduced the Super Pignatas last Friday, September 10. Now the pignata dons a mask and a cape but that’s not why it’s super. Continue reading to find out how super these Pignatas are.

Just like the other pignatas, the Super Pignata contains a random limited edition item. You can find it at the Free Gifts page. You can send one to your mafia members. You can accept up to five Super Pignatas per day. After that, you’ll receive a Mystery Bag instead.

The loots you can get from a Super Pignata are:

  • Deadly Boomslang ACR (45 Attack 20 Defense)
  • Trio Soprano (53 Attack 26 Defense)
  • Deadly Gold GX9 (46 Attack 30 Defense)
  • Huey (47 Attack 20 Defense)
  • Armed Doorman (51 Attack 24 Defense)
  • Gray Wolf (127 Attack 94 Defense)

Are you lucky enough to get the Gray Wolf yet? If not, you could send out Super Pignatas to your friends and hopefully they send one back to you. The more Super Pignatas you receive the better your chances of getting the Gray Wolf.